Ms. Indira is famous Facebook & YouTube chef known for Hyderabad recipes. She was born in Siddipet and lives in Hyderabad. She runs a YouTube channel – Hyderabadi Ruchulu which has about 8.00 + Lakh Subscribers on YouTube & 5.00 + Lakh Followers on Facebook and 1.50 + Lakh on Instagram, besides her regular job. On April 5 2015, she posted a video about a recipe of spicy Hyderabadi biryani just for fun and eventually the video attracted many likes and she is making many videos ever since under Hyderabadi Ruchulu brand. Ms. Indira sticks to authentic Telangana recipes because that’s where she was raised on and that’s what she knows well. She is always interested in learning new techniques and she is constantly experimenting and developing and reworking on different recipes. She is a Graduate in Science and a Double Post Graduate now currently working as a Gov’t Pharmacist
in ESI, Hyderabad since 1999.
• Featuring in “Hyderabadi Ruchulu” as Column Writer in Telangana Today News Paper since 02 years.
• India’s First Telugu e-Cook Book – Hyderabadi Ruchulu
• We have over 500 + Foreign Delegates (Through Tourism Department) who have tasted food
prepared by Mrs. Indira Ireni
• Social Media Influencer Award for the Year 2019 from Jignasa & Gov’t of A.P.
• Social Media Influencer Award for the Year 2018 from CTI & Gov’t of Telangana
Social Media Influencer for Few Corporates
• Nestle
• Eastern Masala
• Kent
• Spenser’s
• Veeba Food’s
• Kwality Walls
• Deep Rooted
• Gold Drop Oil
• Himalaya
• Fortune Fresh Atta
• Country Chicken
• Agaro
• Chings Secret
• Prestige
Online Reputed Chef
From a Home Food Maker Turn to Online Reputed Chef, running a Telugu YouTube Cooking Channel “Hyderabadi Ruchulu”. Also on Facebook as” Hyderabadi Ruchulu”
• 8.45 Lakh Subscribers on YouTube
• 5.62 Lakh Followers on Facebook
• 1.63 Lakh followers on Instagram
• Over 1200 Recipes
Interactions on ” Hyderabadi Ruchulu”
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• … She keeps the ingredients simple
• … Something which you can find in your local grocery store
• … She keeps audio content in Telugu and with English Subtitles
• … Making it more understandable
• … She brings up all the forgotten traditional recipes from rich and poor doors
• … She replies to all the questions that you ask her through comments.
About ” Hyderabadi Ruchulu”
The goal of Hyderabadi Ruchulu is to shed some light on Hyderabadi Ruchulu, for those who always want to find out what makes Hyderabadi Food so unique.
We eat out daily in cafes and restaurants, but we step out with no idea how the food and recipes are made. We try to bring the true amazing Hyderabadi Recipes and their tasty original flavours right to your kitchen. This is a truly unique channel which oozes different types of recipes from every corner of Hyderabad. Its Final destination for every Hyderabadi Food and all videos has English Subtitles.

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