The Dalit community is one of the biggest communities in the country as far as the population is concerned. The same is the case with any state and region. Despite having the advantage of the numbers, they often face discrimination in society. The opposition says that the attacks on the Dalits have increased after BJP came into politics.

The opposition leaders and the left-wing sympathizers strongly believe that the hate crimes in India see Dalits and Muslims as the victims as they often face the attacks. We have seen how the Muslims face the heat in Karnataka following the Hijab row, many groups gave a call to not buy fruits from the Muslim vendors.

To show solidarity with the other group, the old phrase “Jai Bheem, Jai Meem” has been widely used by politicians. Many say that the phrase serves a political agenda as well as it brings the two biggest vote banks together.

The phrase is more relevant in Karnataka, where the BJP is the ruling party. To show that Muslim leaders are ready to walk with Dalits, Karnataka Chamrajpet MLA Zameer Ahmed Khan, surprised everyone by eating the food that was spit by a Dalit priest.

A Dalit priest and the Congress MLA shared a common stage recenteley. Using the stage as a big platform, the MLC showed that both communities have a good brotherhood and to show the same he did this. The videos of the same went viral on social media. The MLA fed the Dalit priest a sweet and when the priest tried to repeat the same, the MLA said no. The MLA asked the Dalit priest Swamy Narayanan to spit the food out and ate it.

Experts say that the Muslim MLA wants to highlight the caste discrimination faced by the Dalits and he wants to prove the point here that Muslims are not those who show discrimination and they are ready to extend their friendly hands toward the Dalits.

The video gained a lot of significance as recently, a few incidents were reported where the Dalits youths were humiliated and attacked by people who are believed to hail from the Upper caste.

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