Prime Minister Narendra Modi has told senior BJP leaders that the new governments in the four states, which were won by the saffron party recently, will be formed keeping in mind the aspirations of the next 25 years. The prime minister also said this was an opportunity to groom the future leadership within the party.

PM Modi’s comments came at a meeting with delegations of leaders from states where BJP won the polls in the recently concluded elections.

Sources said the prime minister expressed his desire to lay the foundation of a nation and leadership that takes the country and party ahead for the next 25 years.

As PM Modi congratulated the leaders on the performance in the state polls, he shared with them his vision for the nation and the need to strengthen the party to achieve that goal.

Sources added that PM Modi had asked the state leadership to have a perfect balance while constituting the cabinets.

“Fair representation of SC, STs, OBCs and women apart from other communities and castes should be achieved is what PM had suggested,” stated the source.

The PM had asked the leadership to have a balance of both young and experienced in the government and in the organisation.

“He spoke about the future of the party and preparing the generation for the next 25 years. The idea is if these leaders are trained today only then they be able to fulfill the vision of a strong nation in the future,” added the source.

Apart from this, MPs too have been given the task to identify 100 booths where BJP did not perform well, analyse the reason and work on improving them.

The meeting of the prime minister with the delegation comes days after the BJP won the assembly polls in Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Manipur and Goa.

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