Dr. M Srinivas Rao, Telangana Health Director, stated today that a night curfew is not required to fight corona cases. He told reporters that, while corona cases are under control. Because the positive rate is just 3.6 percent, there is no need for a curfew, which is required if the percentage reaches 10%.

We are able to provide medical kits to 1.78 lakh persons with some symptoms thanks to house-to-house fever surveys. Srinivas Rao stated that 59 percent of persons in the 18-year-old age range have been vaccinated, with 2.16 lakh people receiving a precaution dosage. While 61 percent of the state’s ICU and oxygen beds were full, Srinivas Rao stated that the health staff is prepared to deal with any situation. He stated that GHMC had a positivity rate of 4.26 percent, Medchal had a positivity rate of 4.22 percent, Medak had a positivity rating of 6.45 percent, and Kothagudem had a positivity rate of 1.14 percent.

The government will continue to impose restrictions on public meetings, rallies, and gatherings until January 31, he stated. People should wear masks, get vaccines, and follow protocols to reduce the number of cases by attending government hospitals at all levels, he said. There is no need for a curfew in the city to control the spread of the virus, he added, and said that the government is unwilling to impose such restrictions.

The director stated that the corona and omicron variants are expected to be phased out in the near future and that there is no reason to worry. He explained that it was reported that the cases will decrease in March and increase in February. There is no reason for fear because the symptoms are mild and negligible in the people who tested positive, said the director.

Srinivas Rao also allayed fears that there is no truth curfew since rallies and public meetings were prohibited. He urged people to wear masks and sanitise their hands at all times. He noted the need of maintaining social distance in order to prevent viral spread and infections. The health directors said that the people are needless to rush to the hospitals with mild symptoms. Fever survey in the state is giving good results as the health staff is distributing medical kits for mild or moderate symptoms, he said. According to the director, the government has improved all facilities in all rural and district hospitals. More beds, injections, vaccinations, medications, and healthcare staff are available in all levels of government hospitals.

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