GBN Koundinyotsav – Business Fest 2024

Hyderabad (Media Boss Network):
‘Gouds Business Network – GBN’ has celebrated its first anniversary with great strides in the business empire. GBN members honored those who have rendered services in various fields in this ceremony named ‘GBN Koundinyotsav – Business Fest’. In the morning, GBN members took bonas at Yellamma Temple in Balkampet. GBN members participated with family members in these programs and played enthusiastically. Members of the GBN family entertained the guests with artistic dance performances by their children. A special video showing GBN’s annual journey and management impressed everyone. GBN President Chikati Prabhakar Goud thanked Vemula Rajesh Goud who gave a wonderful Voice Over for this video.

On this occasion, GBN President Chikati Prabhakar Goud said the intentions and goals of their business network. He explained the successful progress of starting GBN – ‘Acharya Chapter’ a year ago. He said that although the 2nd chapter was started in Hyderabad East Zone under the name of ‘GBN Chanakya’ in the first year, soon it will be expanded to all parts of the city and GBN chapters are going to be started in every district center. Within a year, between GBN members Rs. GBN Growth Ambassador Ravigari Prasad Goud (Eethamullu) said that doing more than 10 crore business transactions is a symbol of success.

GBN website participated in this ceremony. On this occasion, he congratulated the GBN members that they are successfully continuing the Gouds business platform for the first time in the world beyond politics. Gouda praised the manner in which GBN meetings are conducted as discipline at the corporate level. Gouds hoped that the business network, whose main goal is to create a financial revolution for traders, would move forward.

In this ceremony, the first chairman of Telangana State Toddy Topper Corporation, Palle Ravikumar Goud, Senior leaders of Gouda Community Chintala Mallesham, historical research writer Kompally Venkat Goud, Telangana activist Kota Srinivas Goud, Telangana Gouda ja‌na ha‌kkula porata sa‌miti President Elikatte Vija‌ya‌kumar, Gouḍa aikya sadha‌na sa‌miti President ambala naraya‌ṇa‌gauḍ, ‘ba‌la‌gam’ Movie Actor Sanja‌y Goud, Supra‌ja Hospita‌l Chair‌man Amba‌ti Srinivas Goud, Senior Journalist Rajesh Goud and congratulated the GBN members on their first anniversary.

GBN President Chikati Prabhakar, Growth Ambassador Ravigari Prasad Goud (Eethamullu), GBN Chanakya Chapter President Dr. Moluguri Giridhar Goud, Vice President C. Sivakumar Goud, Secretary Desini Ganesh Goud, Muddagoni Amarnath Goud, Lakshminarayana Ryakala, Swami Muddam, G Narasimha Rao Goud, Dr. Koyyadi Venu, Matta Raju Goud, Vadlakonda Premalatha Goud, Amulakonda Srinivasa Rao Goud, Malugari Shekhar Goud, Indira Priya Darshini, Mattapalli Nagaraju, Palle Sai Charan Goud, Chandi Srinivas Goud, Thanda Santhosh Kumar Goud, B. Narsimha Goud, Chalmala Srinivasulu Goud, Kishore Sarah, Kanduri Yugandhar Goud, S. Arvind Goud, GBN Chanakya Chapter Vice President Divya Goud K, Burra Srinivas Goud, E. Srinivas Goud, Medaram Rakesh Goud, E. Raghavendra Goud, Sandhagalla Madhusudhan Goud, Ande Manjula, Natti Rajender Goud, M. Ramesh Goud, M. Ramakrishna Goud, B. Padma Goud, Gundla Anjaneyulu, Mimicri Satyanarayana Goud, Srimantula Pragathi, K. Satyanarayana Goud, M Naresh Goud, T Nagaraju Goud, Yerukala Sharada, Gandam Suresh.. along with their family members participated in making the event grand.


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