Release: January 26
Actors: Hero Bharat, Heroine Navina Reddy, Hima, Sunitha, Naga Mahesh, Apoorva

Singers: Mangli, Santhilya Pisapati, Aparna Nandan,
Executive Producer: Ravikumar Gollapally,
Music: PR
DOP: Rajasekhar Reddy
Directed by: Sridhar Reddy Atakula
Producer: Yeddula Jagadeeswar Reddy
Editor: Aloshious Xavier
Publicity Designer: JK Frames
PRO: Ashok Dayyala

If the story is attractive to the youth and also has a message, the movie will be a huge hit with the audience. The movie ‘Before Marriage’ came with such a subject. Y Nageswar Reddy’s son Yeddula Jagadeeswar Reddy, who produced films like Tarzan Sundari, Prema Collo, Samsara Veena… three decades ago under the banner of Sujana Arts, is introducing himself as the producer of the movie ‘Before Marriage’ under the banner of Hanuma Creations. Let’s find out how this movie, which was released in theaters on Friday, is doing in Evalty’s review report.

Dharani (Naveena Reddy) studies in the same room with her college friends Shanti and Prashanthi. Dharani becomes pregnant in unexpected circumstances while seeking new habits and enjoyment. Her life turns upside down as she becomes a mother out of wedlock. This leads to social pressure. Life turns upside down. Will her father accept her under these circumstances? The story of this movie is how this young woman overcomes such a situation.

Navina Reddy who acted in the lead role looked cute. This generation has shown exactly how girls think. It can be said that she played the role of the main lead effectively. Also Hero Bharat attracted the youth with his acting in the role of Akash. He looked handsome and smart. And Apoorva impressed by playing her character. Other characters acted to their best and impressed.

Technical Department:
The first thing to say about this movie is about the music. Music director PR songs are good. ‘idemi jindagi. routine ga unnadi..” The song song sung by singer Mangli can be said to be the highlight of this movie.

And DOP Rajasekhar Reddy, who shot the visuals to look natural, did a good job. It can be said that Alyosha Xaver’s editing has been done well. It seems that the producer Yeddula Jagadeeswar Reddy has taken care without compromising anywhere in terms of quality. The screen looks beautiful and rich.

The film unit has already announced that the film is based on true events. The events happening in the society at present appear as scenes in this movie. It can be said that director Sridhar Reddy has succeeded in showing on the screen which is suitable for the story he has written. The message given directly touches the youth by showing that a mistake before marriage can completely change life. this movie gives a good message to the youth who are pedagogic for temporary pleasures. The film was shot close to reality. It can be said without fail that youth is a must watch movie.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

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