Hyderabad (MediaBoss Network): Actor Kadambari Kiran, recognized for his social service initiative ‘Manasaitham’, has been conferred with the prestigious Rotary Club Vocational Excellence Award.

The award ceremony, held at the Hyderabad FNCC, saw Kadambari Kiran presented with the honor by Telangana Government Principal Secretary Burra Venkatesham. Venkatesham commended Kiran’s dedication, calling him “an inspiration to all and a true embodiment of compassion for the underprivileged.”

Rotary Club Hyderabad East Zone Managers CV Subbarao, Sudesh Reddy, and TMN Chaudhary lauded Kiran’s decade-long service. The ceremony also recognized individuals like Jayasudha (cinema), Vigil Ramana Reddy (music), and Dr. Saipadma (medicine) for their contributions.

A special video showcasing the impactful work of the ‘Manasaitham’ family was presented during the event. Kiran, expressing his philosophy, stated, “True wealth lies in helping fellow humans. Unlike other living beings who instinctively support each other, humans often prioritize accumulating wealth solely for future generations. However, if we fail to help one another, our very existence becomes questionable.”

He further elaborated on his vision, “During the COVID-19 crisis, we reached out to 50,000 individuals in need. My ultimate goal is to establish an orphanage and old age home, named ‘Saparya We Care for Uncared’, to provide continued service to these communities.”

Kiran concluded by emphasizing the importance of social responsibility, saying, “Serving the underprivileged brings blessings beyond measure. Even a child’s respect is earned through such acts of kindness. Remember, we, the ‘Manasaitham’ family, are always here to lend a helping hand, anytime, anywhere.”


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